Kunci Gitar Welcome To my Paradise

Welcome To My Paradise ..

C Em Dm G

C                        Em
come and take a look out through my eyes
    Dm             G
and you decide why people act this way
C                          Em
people thieving, fighting, telling lies
     Dm            G
they criticize and hate each other

C                      Em
nature colors all have changes some how
    Dm                  G
the seas are brown the skies are thick and grey
C                           Em
all of these things make me feel so down
    Dm             G
and think about finding my own place

  a place where we can toast and drink
  a place where we can share and some weed
  a place where there’s no bullshit and…
every body can come

  C                  Em
  welcome to my paradise
  where this sky so blue
  where the sunshine so bright
  C                  Em
  welcome to my paradise
  where you can be free
  where the party never ending

Musik : F C F C
        C Em Dm G [2x]        C G C G

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