Kunci Gitar Threesixty – My Heart Going Break Chord Dasar ©ChordLirikLagu.com

Intro :  C  B  Bb  A
         Dm  C#  C  G
         Em  Dm – C  F  G..

      C               B   Bb
Everyday and everynight
   A                      Dm
i told you something sweet
           C#          C     G
(as sweet as your smile)
than i call your name
for make you understand
     F              G
i need you over here..

         C                 B   Bb
On the night just like this
     A                  Dm
we are lead the time for
         C#          C    G
(talk about our life)
I don’t ask you to
understand at all
     F                  G
i know you will leave me..

F            G
Just wanna say sorry
   Em               Am
ooo for make you proud of me
         F                G
but the real i late to say
all of these not the same..

F                G
..we have the same
   Em                 Am
ooo way but we haven’t same think
        F      G
and i feel i so tired
to understand..

         F               G
  And i know what you want
          Em            Am       G
  but i can not be perfect a man
                 F            G
  that you will want please believe
  myself later on…

            F            G
  Then i know you must go
           Em               Am
  without everything that could be
   G            F             G
  memories i wish please don’t let
  me be still alone..

Musik :  F  G  Em  AmGF  G..
         F  G  Em  Am  F.. G.. [2x]

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Chord Threesixty – My Heart Going Break

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