Kunci Gitar Bill Withers – Just the Two of Us Chord Dasar ©ChordLirikLagu.com

Intro : F E7 Am –GmC F E7 Am..
        F E7 Am –GmC F E7 Am..

F           E7                Am
I see the crystal rain drops fall
        –Gm    C      F
and the beauty of it all
              E7                  Am
is when the sun comes shining through

F               E7            Am
to make those rainbows in my mind
       –Gm       C         F
when I think of you sometime
                E7                  Am
and I want to spend some time with you

            F       E7
  just the two of us
           Am     G#m   Gm
  we can make it if we try
  –C        F       E7
  just the two of us
  just the two of us..

            F        E7
  just the two of us
           Am      G#m    Gm
  building castles in the sky
  –C         F       E7
  just the two of us
  you and I..

F              E7               Am
we look for love, no time for tears
       Gm–      C        F
wasted water’s all that is
              E7             Am
and it don’t make no flowers grow.

F                  E7                Am
good things might come to those who wait,
        Gm            C          F
but not for those who wait too late
             E7              Am
we’ve got to go for all we know..

==Kembali ke : Reff

Musik : F5 E5 D#5 D5 C#5 C5 A#5..[2x]        F E7 Am GmC F E7 Am..

F          E7                Am
I hear the crystal raindrops fall
         –Gm     C       F
on the window down the hall
            E7             Am
and it becomes the morning dew..

F             E7               Am
and Darling, when the morning comes
      –Gm       C       F
and I see the morning sun
          E7               Am
I want to be the one with you..

==Kembali ke : Reff..fade out


Chord Bill Withers – Just the Two of Us

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